Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anthony's First Day of School

My little Anthony started Head Start preschool this year. Out of all my children Anthony is my challenge. He seems to have a different thought process or something. It's been hard figuring out how to deal with him sometimes. I was hoping that going to school might help him. After almost 2 months of school I really think I can see a positive change in him. Here are some pictures of him on his first day of school.

This is a cute picture of him and Garrison we took while we were waiting for the bus.
There he is getting ready to get on!

Here's one of himself by the tree. Daddy did the hair spiked hair-do!

He was pretty excited!

It was kind of nice that Daddy could be there for his first day of school. This is usually something he misses out on.
So far I haven't really noticed any academic improvement in him. I think right now they are mostly working on things like manners and socialization. Anyway, I'm really glad that Anthony made it in. I really think that it's good for him. I went to a head start meeting last night. It showed that in the Portland area there were 566 kids that were in Head Start Pre-school. There are 300-400 kids still on the waiting list! I'm very thankful that he got in!

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