Friday, December 7, 2007

Am I a Teacher?

There is a family that lives here in our part that I would really like to reach out to. We've lived here for quite a few months and I just can't seem to figure out how to get close enough to them to be that light and example to them. I've been praying about some common ground we can base a friendship on, or something. They just don't really understand the faith and I would like to help them. I hope I'm not puffed up about it though. Anyway, it's been a puzzle to me how to reach out to them because their lifestyle is so much different than mine.

The other night we went to dinner at their house. We had a pretty good time; visited some and played some games. While we were there they mentioned how their Kindergartner was not at the right level. She does have a learning and attention problem. They said she's in a classroom with 30 something other kids. There's no way she can get the one-on-one attention she needs. They said that she doesn't seem to do well when they try to teach her.

After leaving their house I kept thinking about that conversation. When it dawned on me that here was my opportunity that I'd been praying for. When I was first married I helped my cousins catch up on their Math skills. I thought maybe I could do something like this again. Now I'm not exactly sure how to go about it; but I offered to tutor her once a week (maybe more if that works out) I really think she needs some one-on-one without the distraction of even my kids; so I'm really praying about how to deal with it. Matt car-pools with the husband; so he'll bring their little girl with him. So it'll be nice to have him home to help with our kids. I'm supposed to start next Thursday.

Anyway, I'm really praying about how to teach her. Because of her learning problems I know I'll have to go about things a certain way or it won't sink in. I would also like to know how to use this opportunity in the best way God would want me to. Just pray for me that I will know God's direction in this. Thanks.


Mom of 3, Aunt of 13 said...

I'll be praying for you. Sometimes it helps to make a game of it. One where you don't sit down and with lots of movement. Getting your children involved in it might be fun. For example you could have every one stand in a circle or line. Count how many are there and then have one hop away or go hide. How many is left? If its writing skills have her write while she is standing or have her write one letter, stretch, write another letter. If its work pages she may only get 1 page or less done while she's there. Syble's attention span was less than 5 minutes at her age. Maybe have her work for 1 minute, break, and gradually work up to 5 minutes. Lots of prayer and some silly songs might help. Good Luck!

Mom of 3, Aunt of 13 said...

She may not remember from one moment to the next or one day to the next what she has learned. Syble was this way. I think its there somewhere but not in the forefront. Somedays she will blow you away with what she knows.

Mom of 3, Aunt of 13 said...
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Marisela said...

How great of you to take the time to do that for them. I hope you will be able to reach out to them.