Monday, November 26, 2007


I thought I would be able to post some pictures of our Thanksgiving, but my camera is so dead I can't even load pictures onto my computer, and there's not enough money to buy a new battery yet; so I will write my blog without pictures.

We went to Brian and Michelle's house for Thanksgiving. (I'll let her post the pictures, I guess) It was nice to get together with everyone. We hadn't been to their house in quite awhile. They've gotten a lot done since we'd been there last. They still have a lot to do before they're done. It was nice to relax with family and lots of good food! Bro. Dale and Sis. Chantel came over and brought their company. It was nice to get to visit with all of them.

The day after Thanksgiving Matt and I took the kids to Seneca (which is a 3 hour drive from Michelle's). Their Grandpa Mike McManus lives there and they had never met him before. He's not really living a very good lifestyle, but he is their grandpa; so we decided to make the effort for them to see each other. Most of the time when we are out that way there's only enough time to visit with Brian and Michelle. This time we had a few more days than normal; so we decided to take the time to go see him.

I was pretty nervous. For one thing, I didn't know if he would be sober or not; and I didn't know if he even cared to meet our kids since he had never made the effort to see them before. We only spent a few hours there since it was a fairly long drive and the roads were pretty icy (we didn't want to be out very late) I really prayed about our meeting with him and I thought it went pretty well. He was sober; and he seemed to had made an effort to look and act nice for our kids. Since they hadn't ever met before the kids were a little shy around him; but he interacted with them some. He even had his camera, and we both took pictures. We took the kids to a playground and they enjoyed that. He got to watch them play and he helped them to reach the high toys and stuff. I felt like it went really well. I'm very thankful for that. We may not get to see him very often, but I would like to make more of an effort to keep him informed with the children's lives.

Saturday Matt spent the day helping Brian put some new flooring in their kitchen. They didn't quite finish it, but it's looking very nice! Michell, Linda and I went to town for a little while. We went to this neat little shop and I found some cute things for Christmas presents; and they were really cheap! That evening we had a wienie roast at the church. I stayed inside the whole time because Garrison had poked my eye and it was really sore and irritated. I was afraid the fire smoke would make it hurt worse. By the end of the night I could actually open my eye; and by morning it didn't hurt anymore. I was thankful for that. I really enjoyed visiting with the brethren there and the others visiting for Thanksgiving.

I have to admit that church wasn't real lively; but Bro. Bill got up and made a real good talk that got me thinking. Hopefully I do more than think! Let me see if I can remember what he said that really got me... He was reading about Faith and the works of Faith. He said something about how God would give us what we need to have these works, and that we would be rewarded. So many times it seems easier to do what I want to do, instead of what I know is right. He reminded me that God will help me make my life what it should be; and my life will be better for it. We didn't stay long after church. There was a church dinner, and we got to visit for a little while, but left pretty soon because we didn't want to be caught on bad roads. We had a pretty good trip. We made fairly good time and God protected us. There were a lot of accidents we came across.

We had a pretty good weekend. There's something about getting away for awhile that helps you to be more motivated to get back into the daily grind. Speaking of daily grind... I have dishes to do, laundry to wash, kids to put to work and dinner to make. I hope you all had a blessed and thankful Thanksgiving!


Marisela said...

I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving, and a safe trip. I would like to go to Redmond some time and visit too.

Trina said...

That sounds like a REALLY nice weekend. I am so glad that you got to get away again and have such a great time!

Jules said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. I can understand you being nervous taking your kids to see their Grandpa, you never know what will happen. But I know you'll be glad you did someday. Never stop praying for him. God can work MIRACLES. I have a relative that I really think has a chance if I will just keep praying and beleiving that God can do ALL things.

michelle said...

Tisha I wish I would have remembered to put your pictures on my computer before you went home.Glad you guys had anice time here ,I love having company!!

billynbarb said...

I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving too. I remember those holiday's, where we hoped and prayed Billy's dad would be sober it was really hard sometimes, but he was always respectful. I am very thankful for this.